Helen Randall
pilates instructor, massage therapist
covering Oxted, Sevenoaks, Westerham
surroundings in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Remedial Massage Remedial massage is based on the fact that soft tissue responds to touch and is often used when a person is suffering from physical pain. Working on both the deep and superficial muscles, the aim of the treatment is to realign the body and restore balance, so that the body can work to heal itself.

Remedial massage is a treatment that can be very effective at relieving pain whether it is a joint or muscle pain. Once the cause of pain is detected a variety of techniques are used to address the problems.

Examples of symptoms that remedial massage can help:
Back pain, including lower back painShoulder and neck pain
Hip PainKnee and Ankle Problems
Arm pain including tennis and golfers elbowSports injuries
Benefits of Remedial Massage:
Helps re-align musculo-skeletal structureHelps recovery from injury
Reduces excessive scar tissue build upBreaks down adhesions in the muscle tissue
Releases myofascial restrictionReleases muscle spasms and relieve muscle pain
Re-aligns joints and relieves joint pain 
Helen Randall

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