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Testimonials"I have had a pathetically weak back for decades. Regular weekly Pilates under Helen's excellent guidance has made a huge difference to my life. I am generally pain free, much more supple and able to get back to playing tennis and golf." Mike, (retired surveyor)

Helen’s classes are small in number thus enabling her to give individual attention where needed. I have benefited so much from attending as previous back and neck problems have become a thing of the past. She always varies the exercises from week to week and, when necessary, demonstrates them to ensure we are performing them correctly. We work hard but have fun in the process. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough.
Jenny, Crockham Hill, Kent

A few years ago my sister gave me a voucher for my birthday - it was for a massage treatment; but no ordinary massage, this was a treatment by a 'sports masseuse'. I wasn't sure what to expect and it wasn't quite like the massages I'd had before - for a start sometimes it hurt! I wasn't put off, booked more sessions and I quickly realised that it was doing me good as well as being enjoyable. I've been seeing Helen regularly ever since and I feel much more flexible and relaxed. Sue, Oxted, Surrey

I started my treatment with Helen two years ago without great expectations. I have a slight disability in my right leg from birth and the muscles needed releasing and freeing up. Remarkably within a couple of months she had managed to break up scar tissue from operations over fifty years ago.This was followed by massaging various muscle groups to give me complete relief from the aches and pains I had been suffering.
Helen has a wonderful understanding of her skills, great communicative ability to let the patient know what can, and can't be done and I rate her second to none" Richard, Kent

After years of playing squash, arthritis was making my hips painful and very stiff. The prognosis was not good, in five years I would be looking at replacements. Since that diagnosis, Helen has given me regular massage which has strengthened my muscles to support my hips and her Pilates classes have aided my overall flexibility and delayed the need for surgery. Sue, Oxted, Surrey

I have known Helen for many years and she has done a brilliant job of treating me for numerous injuries and pulled muscles – many in inaccessible places!
Her treatment is very thorough and intense and she will never give up on a difficult injury. I exercise a lot and go to her for regular maintenance and have not had any serious problems for a long time.
She is a lovely person and simply the best at what she does. RC, Reigate, Surrey

I have suffered with Arthritis since childhood, and so to keep this condition manageable I undergo treatments and take medication. I was recommended to have treatment from Helen by another of her clients, and in early 2009 I started a series of treatments. I was immediately struck by Helen’s professional attitude and knowledge of how she was going to treat me and the results I could expect to see as time continued. Helen was right, the treatments we had discussed at the first session started to have an impact, both range of movement in the affected joints, and also in a general feeling of wellbeing, my body felt much move fluid when in motion.
I have continued with Helen for well over a year, Helens’ skills as a therapist have helped me increase the range of movement, most especially in my shoulder and neck, this has made a huge difference to my life in terms of less pain during the day while working or exercising and during the night as I am more comfortable and therefore get better quality sleep.
I would recommend Helen at every opportunity, her empathetic, professional and skilled treatments really show results and for that I am extremely grateful.
Darren, Lingfield, Surrey

I started having regular massages with Helen about 3 years ago. I have had spondylosis in my neck from my late teens. At the time I started treatment with Helen, whilst relatively stable, I still had bouts of severe pain, coupled with quite a high level of constant ache and restriction in my neck, causing me to take prescription pain killers on a daily basis. I called it ‘white pain’ – the surface of my back and neck was numb but underneath was a deep, constant ache, at best.
With Helen’s persistence, hard work and extremely skilled hands, over the course of a few weeks the pain subsided and the movement in my neck became significantly freer. After three months I noticed I was taking less pain killers and now see Helen every fortnight. With that regime I can honestly say I haven’t had a prescription pain killer for my neck for well over 2 years and most days I am completely pain free.
I like to think I am a relatively active 51 year old, but tend to be accident prone when skiing or the like! Helen is always the first person I ask for help with any such problem, for myself or my family. She is extremely knowledgeable, way beyond a normal masseur, and will always refer us to the right professional, whether physio, osteopath or to the doctor to ensure we get the most appropriate treatment possible.
I have never had ‘a nice relaxing massage’ from Helen though, she does deep tissue work and that normally means discomfort, at least! But if you need someone to solve muscle problems I would highly recommend Helen, she works with me as an individual, supporting my 'wellbeing' in a very holistic way and I have really reaped the benefits, both mentally and physically.
I have no hesitation in recommending her, so others can benefit. Julie, Westerham, Kent

An Ode To Helen
My life's been turned around
With Helen's inspiration......
Pilates moves are found
To be a source of great elation.

Always stretching, never boring
She pushes us endlessly on..
And just when you think you've got it all right
It gets tougher - my limbs weigh a ton!

So have no doubt Pilates folk
This IS hard work, but fun -
Our stretchy bodies and well-toned butts
Are proof and oh - flat tums!

From a stretched and stretched and toned Anne-Marie with gratitude!

I joined Helen's Pilates class two years ago with only a vague idea of what Pilates involved. What I did know was that I needed a new exercise routine that was controlled, involved all muscle groups and did not leave me pouring with sweat. Pilates ticked all those boxes and more: it has taught me to be aware of every part of my body, even little fingers and toes. The enormous array of stretches goes on and on and therefore lessons are never repetitive or boring. They are challenging enough to be inspiring but not overpowering or exhausting. Just the right balance.
Helen's approach to her teaching and her classes is very professional yet friendly. I call her my inspiration and I mean it. Anyone who can instill in me enthusiasm and dedication to an exercise class is a very talented person. She also always looks great so is a great role model. Anne-Marie King

Despite athletics having been my main sport, I have had a pathetically weak back for decades. Two years ago even walking became difficult.
Since then, regular weekly Pilates under Helen’s excellent guidance has made a huge difference to my life. I am generally pain free, much more supple and able to get back to playing tennis and golf.
Do not think it is a soft option! As you get more able to do the exercises properly, you can come away feeling that it tested and exercised your body thoroughly.
What is really special about Helen, apart from having a lovely nature, is the care she shows for every individual in the class – she is constantly aware of each person's individual weakness and she helps us address them and in the end overcome them.
Above all it is a fun atmosphere, always different and extremely enjoyable. Mike Solomon (retired surveyor)

Helen Randall testimonials
Helen Randall

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