Helen Randall
pilates instructor, massage therapist
covering Oxted, Sevenoaks, Westerham
surroundings in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Pilates - Private Sessions Pilates is a complete mind and body conditioning programme. It is not just about exercise, it encourages the way you think and feel about your body as well as increasing your understanding of it and how it moves.

Private Sessions are for those who prefer the more tailored approach to their fitness programme, whether it be to enhance your current fitness regime or just to give you a great workout. These sessions allow for greater progression and development and are arranged to suit your own schedule.

Private Sessions can also be booked prior to joining a group class; this makes certain that you achieve the most out of your class by ensuring that you understand the key points and fundamentals of Pilates - alignment, breathing and core stability.

Unless you are joining a beginners class, a private session is essential.

Please note that in the event of a late cancellation (within 24 hours), or in the event of a 'no show' a cancellation fee will be charged.

Private Pilates Session 55 minutes £55.00
Helen Randall

If you would like to join a class or book an appointment, please contact Helen

Ingledale Natural Health Clinic: 01883 717277, 9am-5pm,    Mobile: 07739 724113, 9am-5:30pm
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